Aerial Work Platform Operator Training

Our comprehensive classroom program will go over safety and operation of Aerial Equipment. Any person operating an aerial lift for aerial work is required to be trained on the safe use of the equipment, as well as any associated hazards.  This course focuses on Type 3a and 3b lifts,...
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Equipment Repair

Looking for a tune up or repair on your own equipment? We offer a wide variety of services for equipment repairs!

Fall Arrest Training

Any person working at elevations is required to be trained in Fall Protection Safety (Fall Arrest Training). Our Fall Protection Certification Program has been developed in accordance with federal and provincial legislations for workplaces across Canada. When working at elevated...
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Forklift Operator Training

The following topics will be covered during your Forklift Operator Training Program: How to safely park a forklift Operating a forklift around pedestrians and co-workers How to conduct a pre-operational inspection and why it's important How to manage balance, stability, and...
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Freight & Delivery

In Town Rates: $95 for Delivery and Pickup on smaller rental equipment. $135 for Delivery and Pickup on medium sized rental equipment (our tilt and load). $200 for Delivery and Pickup on our semi.   Call for pricing on out of town rates.

Scaffolding Rentals

Scaffolding is often the solution for many jobs not on ground level. It can be a helpful piece of equipment when performing construction or maintenance work for extended periods of time where 2nd and 3rd story access is necessary for completion. Or other applications that require...
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Skid-Steer Snow Program

We offer a long term skid-steer rental package in the winter months referred to the Snow Program. We offer two options. The first option is $1000/month which includes 8 hours of use and each additional hour is $20. The second option is $1200/month which includes 8 hours and $20 for each...
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