Scissor Lift Rentals in Regina, SK

Whether you call them Cherry Pickers, Man lifts, Personnel lifts, Bucket lifts or Scissor Lifts, at A1 Rent Alls we supply a wide variety of Aerial Work Platforms. We rent both Scissor lifts and Telescopic Boom lifts, either free standing or trailer mounted lifts, electric lifts, Diesel Lifts, Dual fuel lifts, rough terrain lifts in single and two-man capacity, depending on your jobsite requirements.


A common problem that many business owners must deal with periodically is the need to clean, maintain or refurbish fixtures and equipment existing in hard to reach locations.  You may already have the labor force in place but are only missing the right equipment to do the job. Paying for specialized services of this type may not be necessary if the only missing ingredients are the tools needed to complete the task. 


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Our rental equipment is selected specifically to fulfill most aerial maintenance and/or construction requirements.  Specifications range from electric and hydraulic scissor lifts and boom lifts to dual fuel and diesel powered aerial work platforms for both interior and exterior worksites.  We are careful to provide only those brands which have proven durability and ease of use to ensure maximum time efficiency for our renters.


There are many applications exist for off-ground access equipment.   Your project may require access to tall wall, rooftop or high ceiling locations.  You may also require access to exterior building features or equipment maintenance locations where an above ground and stable work platform is required.    


Whether in Scissor Lift or Boom Lift configurations, contact us for the application needed.  There are a variety of styles in this type of equipment, each designed for specific types of jobs.  From Straight Boom Lifts and Articulating Boom Lifts to Vertical Mast and Scissor Lifts, we have them in both electric and Diesel/Dual Fuel and even Rough Terrain models.   At A-1 Rent-Alls, we have the lift equipment you need and at reasonable prices.


We also offer Aerial Work Platform certification either online at A-1 Rent-Alls or in person at your facility.  You can call 306 352-1440 to book your training session. Discounts are available for groups of four or more.