Heavy-duty equipment rental, Regina, SK

Rent  The right tool for the job!


For large scale and heavy duty equipment applications, A 1 Rent Alls is a great resource.  We offer equipment rentals for many different industrial applications.


Contractors can usually find the equipment needed for any specialized job requirement at  A 1 Rentals. We focus on supplying professionals and home owners alike with the tools that they need but don’t want to buy.  For those projects where the cost of purchasing the equipment is larger than the cost of the job itself, quality rental equipment is the answer.


For 63 years, A1 Rent Alls has been serving the needs of contractors, renovators and home owners by providing them all with cost-effective solutions to their construction and maintenance equipment requirements.  We supply everything from welders and generators to excavators and conveyors. In addition, we also provide lighting towers, on-site heaters in diesel, electric and propane versions, along with jackhammers, and generators.  We also supply portable toilets, temporary fencing and trailers for use on the jobsite. From Tarps and blankets to Hammer Drills and pallet jacks, we try to anticipate every need.


We also carry a full line of forklifts and tele-handlers for warehouse, storage and loading requirements. If you need additional or portable power supply on the jobsite, we carry a full range of generators in both gas and diesel configurations.


We try to anticipate every need that our customers have shown us they have and after 63 years, we’re still adding new things to further enhance our services.  Check us out whenever you find you need something you don’t have or need more of.