Bobcat Rentals in Regina, SK

Skid Steers and attachments


While many people refer to them as ‘Bobcats, the correct category term is Skid Steer.  A common requirement on many jobsites is the need to do excavation, vertical drilling, jack hammering, clearing of debris or other tasks where the work needed is in an area which is too small for a conventional excavator but large enough that doing the job manually would require multiple workers and would take much more time.   


That’s where the ‘Bobcat’ or ‘Skid Steer’ becomes indispensible.  These units have become the most versatile and useful way to multiply the work product of a single man.  When using the Bobcat or skid steer, whether for anything from snow removal to grading and landscaping, the Bobcat has become indispensible.  For preparing construction sites, foundations, excavations or cleanups, one man in a Bobcat can accomplish the work of several in far less time.    


We supply both Tracked Bobcat Skid Steerand Wheeled Bobcat Skid Steer models in sizes ranging from smaller walk-behind versions to extra large wheeled or tracked models.  


We also supply a wide variety of skid steer attachments.  Auger Drives, Breaker Hammers, Brushmowers, Grapple Forks, Pallet Forks, Rototillers, Sand Spreader, Sweeper and Trencher attachments are all available.   We can supply almost any tool necessary for your project.


It’s important to consider that when you rent it, you don’t need to worry about it after the job is done.  Your administration is simplified when you don’t need to be responsible for storage, maintenance or logistics.  Neither do you need to deal with disposal of used equipment which has come to the end of its useful life or depreciation.  Your valuable working capital can be used for something else.